Harry who for the day was in great spirit handed out hugs left and right. Because that’s what Harry does. Spreading the love, kindness and humor - to everyone.

Olle Kvarnsmyr, about Harry at Jay’s wedding.

Harry wearing a Saint Laurent blazer from the Menswear Fall/Winter 2015 collection (Not available yet)

@olivialoaiza: My day has come.

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In which Nick was not on Million Pound Drop and Eileen had to press record for NOTHING.


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Whatever, Twitter.  On Radio 1 it’s ALWAYS Niall Appreciation Day.



@ Ok, last pic before we sleep……. A selfie with …..


Harry at the airport in Los Angeles - 21.07.2014 (x)

Harry Styles arrives at LAX this afternoon, July 21nd


Harry at LAX - 7/21

LAUGH ALL YOU WANT but actually this is is the perfect outfit for him to wear during our expensicasual faux-bohemian non-legally-binding handfasting ceremony that will take place at dusk in a meadow, just before we embark on a diamond-encrusted private jet to the French Alps for a six week not-a-honeymoon emotional/erotic bonding retreat. Shortly thereafter, we will mix up the letters of our combined last names to choose a new, non-patriarchal one, which we will both legally take as a sign of our commitment. “The non-groom’s battered hat and plaid shirt were incredibly expensive,” the society pages will report dreamily before recounting, to the best of their abilities, the haiku-format affirmations we recited to each other just as the sun set, “as were his boots. Both were skillfully elevated to the appropriate level of luxurious semi-formality by a billion-dollar gray jacket. The non-bride wore something, probably.”